altona Diagnostics is founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2007. It is a leading global specialist in providing high-quality molecular diagnostic solutions in the field of emerging infectious diseases. They offer a large range of CE-IVD qualitative and quantitative real-time PCR assays.

RealStar® Real-Time PCR Kits

PathoFinder is founded in Maastricht, Netherlands in 2004. The company focuses on the development and commercialization of a new generation of molecular diagnostics, with special emphasis on infectious diseases. The company proprietary 2SmartFinder® technology allows the detection and differentiation of up to 22 infectious pathogens in a single clinical sample, by using Melting Curve Analysis.


2SmartFinder® Products

Pathonostics is founded in Maastricht, Netherlands in 2011 and is affiliated to PathoFinder. The company offers multiplex real-time PCR assays for the diagnosis of superficial and invasive fungal infections, as well as the identification of multi-drug resistance. These assays will greatly advance the diagnosis of fungal infections and promote the appropriate antifungal therapy. 


Three products are currently available:

Master Diagnóstica is founded in Granada, Spain in 1996. The commpany addresses oncological and infectious diseases by using innovative molecular biology and immunohistochemistry technologies. 


Focusing on molecular diagnostics and DNA flow technology, the company offers semi / fully automated hybridization system (hybriSpot 24 and hybriSpot 12) with a range of quality assays:

CERTEST Biotec is founded in Zaragoza, Spain in 2002. The company is devoted to the development and manufacturing of rapid tests and real-time PCR assays for the identification of causative pathogens in infectious diseases.


Their menu of VIASURE real-time PCR assays are available in lypholized format which require minimal preparation and compatible with various systems, allowing flexibility and ease of use.


Qualitative and Quantitative Real-time PCR Assays


Single Tube Multiplex

Real-time PCR Assays

Single Tube Multiplex

Real-time PCR Assays

Molecular Diagnostic Kits based on Multiplex PCR and Mocroarray Chip

Lypholized Multiplex

Real-time PCR Assays